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About Pandante Edit

Setting and lore Edit

Pandante features pandas that come from the "Pandalands" that is part of the Fantasy Strike universe.

The idea is that Lum, a character from Yomi: Fighting Card Game is not the only only panda from the gambling—all the pandas from the Pandalands do. [1]

Key contributors Edit

Name Contributions Relevant links
David Sirlin Created Pandante and did the:
  • Game Design
  • Balance
  • Art Direction
  • Rulebook and Packaging Design[2]
David Sirlin
Hectóre Blivand

Graphic design[2]

His Twitter profile
 Jeannie Lee  Created the Panda illustrations used in the game [2] [3]( using Adobe Photoshop paths[4]) Jeannie's website
??? Created the chips used in the deluxe version of Pandante. ???

References Edit

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