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Current projects and things to doEdit


Important / high priority Edit

Project name Project description Why it needs doing Who is working on it (list your name if you are)
Page tags We need a better system for noting down on pages what needs doing. E.g. Does a page need references? Does the article have bias?

Just like wikipedia has.

Dynamic news section The home page needs a news section that, ideally, dynamically updates based on what is added to the upcoming and current tournaments and events sections on those respective pages. Manually adding info about new events and tournaments to the news box AND events and tournaments page is duplication we don't need.
Better page templates The default wiki pages to look more like wikipedia, with nice spacing and headings.

Right now the spacing and headings look bad, and if you try to create a heading, it adds it to the page navigation (which isn't always ideal).

Can be done any time Edit

Project name Project description Why it needs doing Who is working on it (list your name if you are)
References Sirlin Games page needs references.
Create Fantasy Strike Expo pages and add tournament info Copy the template from the Yomi wiki:
add tournament info to the Fantasy Strike Expo pages get the tournament info from here and here (that's for Pandante, not Puzzle Strike)
These pages need expanding I suggest starting with pages that describe what the game is about, like:
  • About Pandante
  • Pandante rulesheet

And pages that have practical value like:

  • Links to helpful Pandante resources (a list that you can add to)
  • Tournaments 
  • Resources to help you run your own tournaments
  • Community groups
  • Events
  • Video streams and channels

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